Community is an important aspect of local politics. The local events the village sponsors, such as Heritage Fest, Dickens in Dundee, Concerts in the Park, and a number of different parades, help create a strong sense of community.

Julie Fox at Heritage Fest 2017

I have been more focused on community in the last few years and plan to become more involved in the future. I live in a great community with great neighbors. Community has a positive nature, while politics is often construed negatively. Combining both makes our village a better place; considering both in the board’s decisions would be a positive move. I volunteered at Heritage Fest in 2017 as an individual, and I was also part of a group of Fox Valley Libertarians who helped with ticket sales. I’m looking forward to being involved this year as well.

I love most aspects of living in the Fox Valley: the hills along the river, the Fox River (of course), the bike trail along the river, and the availability of biking to Elgin, Carpentersville, and Algonquin. I love my ability to walk into town with its variety of shops and restaurants on both sides of the Fox River. I greatly enjoy the local native plants. We’re far enough away from the city that the pace of life is a bit slower in West Dundee. People often greet you with “hello” or “good morning” when you pass by them along the sidewalk or bike trail. I’m fascinated by the history of our river town and that of the surrounding Fox Valley. One of the few things I don’t like are the taxes!

We have several challenges as board members. One is keeping our village vibrant by filling empty storefronts, which we can do by making West Dundee a more business-friendly community. We need to ensure that we are serving our residents and business owners well by providing local government services at the least possible cost to the taxpayers. It’s important that our board members represent West Dundee residents and business owners, that those individuals have a voice, and that we provide
them with more opportunities for them to voice their concerns and become more involved.