West Dundee is a home rule community, and as such, its board members have been exercising their power to raise taxes without referendum with too much frequency and in increments that are too large. As Village Trustee, Fox will ensure that the board is looking at all possible alternatives before increasing taxes, and that the reasons for considering such increases are legitimate.

Village Contracts

Contracts the village has entered into in the past have not always been in the best interests of residents and business owners. Fox’s experience in managing business contracts will be put to use in close review of contracts the Village enters into. As Village Trustee, Fox will work to ensure that contracts are in the best interest of West Dundee residents and business owners.

Government of the People

Fox believes, as our founding fathers did, that government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people. One issue she has heard from residents is that board members do not consider the concerns of residents and business owners. As Village Trustee, Fox will hold regular informal meetings with West Dundee residents for them to share their concerns and questions.


There are many empty storefronts in West Dundee. The village board voted in 2014 to prevent the Salvation Army from running their operations in one of those storefronts along Rt. 31. In 2018 the board voted to disallow AirBnb rentals of any kind in areas outside of the downtown business district. Current zoning laws discourage businesses from operating in West Dundee and disallow homeowners from bringing in additional income from rentals of their homes or rooms within them. The village’s current restrictive zoning laws must be overhauled. As Village Trustee, Fox will allow AirBnb rentals for residents. She will also work to repeal zoning laws which disallow reputable organizations such as the Salvation Army from setting up business in certain areas of our town.